Brian Blasman

Brian Blasman, The Accident Lawyer Knows Best, Watercolor on Paper, 12" x 16"


I paint nocturne cityscape watercolors from my wandering around the city. As a center of modern life, with all the technology and organization that supports the city's existence, the city becomes a symbol for modern life. The night is the darkness that comes with living; all the loss, pain, suffering and stress of life. I capture mundane everyday scenes of the city at night while wandering around the city as I wander through life in all its beauties and struggles and imperfections. The artificial lighting of the streets is the light that we must create ourselves to persist and overcome the darkness.


I've done my own wandering through life. At first, I went to college for electrical engineering, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. Near graduation, I suffered a nervous breakdown and shortly after I started therapy. On my first therapist's advice, I decided to give my passion for art a chance.

I started small with a class at a community center and then went to a local community college. Eventually, I transferred to SAIC for a bachelor's of fine art. At SAIC, I tried watercolors as part of an orientation class for transfers and fell in love with them. Wandering around Chicago is also where I first started developing my passion for painting nocturnal cityscapes. After SAIC, I went on to get my master's in fine art in painting at LCAD where I focused almost entirely on watercolor cityscapes.

Now, I continue to paint nocturnal watercolor cityscapes and have recently started writing short stories to accompany them. These stories can be inspired by memories or are completely absurd or somewhere in between. I have posted recordings of these stories to my youtube channel under the handle, Orientalcatfood. My current goal is to get a job in electrical engineering. I think if I can manage to be both an artist and an engineer, that would be cool.

Thank You for Your Attention!